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How to Get People to Keep Coming Back
to Your Franchise Coffee Shop

Franchise coffee shop

You have started running your own coffee shop enterprise

It may be an outlet belonging to a line of franchise coffee shops, but it is still your coffee shop enterprise. While running a franchise coffee shop allows you to lean on your franchise company for marketing and name recognition, you cannot be complacent. You should always be attending to your customer base - establishing a core of regulars, attracting new customers, and giving them all a reason to keep coming back to your cafe.

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How to Retain Customer Loyalty
When Managing a Franchise Coffee Shop

We have worked with a lot of coffee shop owners over the years, and supported them in growing their own successful businesses.

Franchise coffee shop

Hire Good People and Train Them Well

We believe that customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with employee satisfaction. And to have happy employees, you need to hire good employees in the first place.

Franchise coffee shop

Be Your Own
Model Employee

It is always a good idea to be directly involved in the running of your franchise coffee shop. As much as possible, you should try to make regular appearances at your own cafe.

Franchise coffee shop

Be a
Neighbourhood Cafe

It doesn't matter if you're handling a franchise coffee shop, you can still make it your own by putting up artistry and establishing it as a place where locals feel cozy and at home.

Recruit and Train Well

While previous experience in a cafe can be an advantage, it is not the main determinant for a promising employee. You should consider a person's attitude and adaptability. Remember that it is not just about having a sunny disposition, but having a sunny disposition while dealing with the demands of customers. That means hiring people who can adopt a friendly and professional manner whenever it is required. That also means you need to set an example by adopting the same attitude towards your employees. Treat them fairly, train them well, be a calm and responsive presence. Building a pool of satisfied employees will lead to flocks of satisfied customers.

franchise coffee shops
franchise coffee shops

Be a Good Example

There is no substitute for your own eyes to see whether the cafe operations are running smoothly and the employees are going about the proper procedures. Your appearances will also give you a chance to connect with your customers. If they get to know you as a person, they will not view your place as just another franchise coffee shop, but as a cafe that is involved with the community.

Personalize Your Franchise Coffee Shop

Even if you are managing a franchise coffee shop, you can find ways to put a personal stamp on your place - an individual touch that can help you in establishing your shop as a neighbourhood cafe. Something as simple as putting up a community bulletin board can go a long way in gaining the acceptance of the neighbourhood.

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